Music Love : Beyoncé 4 album

media article - beyonce 4 - cover

Lately I’ve been listening to some Beyoncé, returning to her old albums and hits. I guess her incredible SuperBowl half-time show performance made me want to revisit her music. But I must admit her 2011 ”4” album really has been playing on repeat. The album has various types of melodies and beats, goes from soul wrenching to up-beat. ”Best thing I never had”, ”1+1”, ”I was here”, ”Countdown”, ”Run the world (girls)” are just some of my favorite Beyoncé songs. The one and only song on this fabulous album that I just can’t stop playing is ”Love on Top”, that song just keeps bringing me to this up-lifting, old school, intense, happy place, and I just can’t get enough! The lyrics are simple but so incredibly realistic and express a very profound and honest love for the other half. Here is a link to her official ”Love on top” video … bring the beat in, as Beyoncé says !