Maroon 5 concert in Montreal

media article - maroon 5 COVER

Last February 20th I went to the Maroon 5 concert at the Bell Center downtown. I was going with a friend and she was really reallyyyyy excited about it! I was excited too, but let’s say I was less of a Maroon 5 fan than she was! Well, the show was incredibly entertaining and was a feast for the eyes because of all the pyrotechnics (and Adam Levine I may add !)! The concert was a line-up of hit song after hit song, beautifully sung by Adam Levine’s live voice … and frankly I was impressed with how many hits Maroon 5 has produced over the years (remember ”Sunday Morning ” 2004? ).  It was an amazing show, and now I can’t stop listening to their albums! Here are a few pictures of that night !


IMG_1679 IMG_1738 IMG_1694 IMG_1713


New Anthropologie Store


Last december Montreal had the chance to see its first Anthropologie store open downtown. I went for the first time last friday and I was glad to see that behind the traditional 20th-century facade of Crescent street resides a 3-floor rustic and contemporary boutique. Customers are greeted with vintage shelves, wood floors, brick walls and antique chairs, which adds some charm to the shopping experience! … Let’s not forget all the clothes and home accessories that are simply exquisite! Definitely a place to see!

En décembre dernier, Montréal a eu la chance d’accueillir sa première boutique Anthropologie au centre-ville. J’y suis allée pour la première fois vendredi dernier et j’ai été agréablement surprise de découvrir derrière la façade de pierre de la rue Crescent une boutique à la fois rustique et contemporaine de 3 niveaux. Les clients sont accueillis avec des meubles de style vintage, des planchers de bois, des murs de briques et des chaises antiques, bref de quoi agrémenter l’expérience de shopping! …. Sans oublier les vêtements et les accessoires pour la maison qui sont siiii alléchants! Une place qui est certainement à découvrir!

2130 rue De la Montagne, Montréal /

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