Maroon 5 concert in Montreal

media article - maroon 5 COVER

Last February 20th I went to the Maroon 5 concert at the Bell Center downtown. I was going with a friend and she was really reallyyyyy excited about it! I was excited too, but let’s say I was less of a Maroon 5 fan than she was! Well, the show was incredibly entertaining and was a feast for the eyes because of all the pyrotechnics (and Adam Levine I may add !)! The concert was a line-up of hit song after hit song, beautifully sung by Adam Levine’s live voice … and frankly I was impressed with how many hits Maroon 5 has produced over the years (remember ”Sunday Morning ” 2004? ).  It was an amazing show, and now I can’t stop listening to their albums! Here are a few pictures of that night !


IMG_1679 IMG_1738 IMG_1694 IMG_1713